About Us - Happy Crab

Welcome to The Happy Crab Photography! We hope you enjoy our photos!

Who are we?

We are a family run business. We specialize in nature and horse photography. I am a special educator, but am currently staying home until our children are grown. We also are trying to adopt a ten year old boy from China! My daughters help with the photo shoots (they have an eye for taking amazing pictures!) and to maintain the website. My amazing husband is our financial "consultant" and helps in the printing process. 

We love all art, especially art and nature. Our home has our art "studio" in which we dabble with painting, drawing, 3D printing, laser cutting, and of course photography! 

Our location: We work in Southern  Delaware- in and around Bethany Beach. You will most likely see us at Sweet Meadow Stable!! We work in Delaware from June to August, but can return for private sessions and/or horse shows with prior scheduling. Otherwise we are in the Philadelphia area. (Counting down the days to return to DE!) 

Why The Happy Crab?

When my daughter was in preschool, she was in a small dance class. For their show, she needed a crab puppet. Not very easy to find! My husband and I found one while away for the weekend. We began to take pictures with "Crabby" and email them to our daughters. "Crabby" has become our family mascot, joining us on all of our excursions! He's been to Paris and throughout the United States. So far, Monet's Garden has been his favorite place! 

Now, almost 13 years later, he still sits on my dashboard and continues to travel with us. If someone is in a bad mood, he/she can expect "Crabby" to be thrown at him/her. 

It seemed fitting to name our photography business after something that reflects our love for the ocean and nature. (And he loves the attention!)

What are our goals?

We strive to offer photos that are fun, beautiful, and inspirational.  

We want to provide clients with the highest quality photos and prints at the most reasonable prices. Our photo sessions are fun and relaxed. We strive to have an atmosphere that is relaxed and not always posed. Our favorite photos are the ones that are natural and "accidents" !

Thank you for visiting our site! We hope you enjoy the photos!